The Heart of Your Home

Prestige Kitchens Ltd. was founded in 1974 by the Parnham family, and manufactures the finest, highest quality cabinetry in Atlantic Canada.  For over 40 years, we have provided unprecedented quality and craftsmanship to our outstanding customers.  We continue to believe in the policy of unsurpassed value and customer service. From retail associates and manufacturing, to kitchen designers and installers, we continue to applaud our amazing team and take great pride in our product.

Our manufacturing plant resides in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, where all of our cabinetry is custom-made, painted or stained, sanded and finished by hand. Our state of the art, 22,000 square foot facility is complete with the newest and most efficient technology on the market, designed to create and construct the most articulate and durable cabinetry. We are proud to offer hands-on detail and 3D drawings by our highly qualified kitchen designers to ensure that everything you have dreamed of for your kitchen or project is made possible here with us.

Our cabinets stand by a five year warranty, alongside a lifetime warranty on hinges and slides. We offer a large selection of countertops and pulls to customize your kitchen, and cabinets sure to fit every budget.

Visit us at either one of our two locations, Summerside or Charlottetown, and discuss with our designers about creating the custom kitchen of your dreams.


We’ve realized just how important a kitchen is to people. They want a place where they can come home to that is functional and efficient, where they can interact with family and friends - and that’s what we try to deliver.
— Shelley Jackson, Kitchen Design