Ugliest Kitchen Contest


This kitchen was lovingly dubbed the "Frankenstein Kitchen" by its owners.  

Their entry into the contest read as follows:

"My boyfriend and I bought our first home fall of 2015, with the “Frankenstein Kitchen” included. To highlight a few areas of our Ugly kitchen I'll bring you to the obvious first: 

  1. lime green doors with blue base cupboards, to build this case the cupboards are actually home made from plywood ...
  2. FOUR different counter tops covered (Starting under the microwave, a different top on the other side of sink changes again before the stove and the island being different) topped with 3 layers of different coloured vinyl stickers, Also the vinyl sticker on the island is a different colour than the rest of the surfaces. 
  3. Trim is actually Gold metal floor transitional pieces  running not only up the walls but edging the counter top and the corner of the island
  4. Those are the only 2 out of 7 drawers that work, the rest are all fake, just for look no drawer included.
  5. our white picket fence is a real  attraction, all our visitors insist we should have a plastic animal farm up there... to the extent we were given a plastic cow as a gift, I am sure the rest of the funny farm is on its way 
  6. We don't have a cupboard that is able to fit cereal boxes (or any tall item) so they live beside the stove on a moveable cart."


After starting from scratch, we were able to breathe new life into the former Frankenstein Kitchen.  The basic footprint of the kitchen remained similar to the original concept, with exception to the relocation of the refrigerator, which allowed for the stove to be flanked by landing space on both sides that lead to the double sink on one side, and along to the lovely peninsula on the other side.  Varying heights of cabinets now allow for storage of taller items.  Now, the room is fresh, functional and timeless.