Laminate Countertops

Prestige offers a brilliant selection of laminate countertops from Formica, Arborite, WilsonArt and more.

 Here are some examples of our in-stock laminates. 

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 *Patterns and colours may differ slightly from actual product. These are representative samples.


7734-42, 7734-46





Jamocha granite formica

This popular style of laminate is available in either sparkle/crystal (7734-42) or etching (7734-46) finishes.  The sparkle or crystal finish has a small-scaled texture for a bright and durable finish.  The etching finish shows tiny fissures that resemble real stone. 


white ice granite formica

A lovely marbled effect on a white background.  Available in artisan finish.  (9476-43)


belmonte granite formica

This laminate is in a warm, neutral palette.  It is available in a matte finish.  (3496-58)




7732-42, 7732-46


Resembling a dark, rich stone, this laminate is available in etching finish, with tiny fissures and shine that closely resemble granite.  (3692-46)  


butterrum granite formica

Beautiful and richly coloured, this laminate is available in sparkle/crystal and etching finishes.  (7732-42, 7732-46)



dolce vita formica

This laminate features true-to-scale stone and granite patterns with veining and shine.  Available in etching finish.  (3420fx-46)



Typhoon creme arborite

This laminate features a stone-look in creams, taupes, beiges and grays with a lightly textured finish.  (p1005-im)



travertine formica

This laminate resembles the mild pattern and vein of travertine.  Available in sparkle finish.  (3526-42)



jet sequoia formica

Having a polished and etched finish replicates the fissures and patterns that would be found in natural stones and materials. Available in etching finish.  (3476fx-46)









dolce macchiato formica

This large scale pattern has rich, earthy and creamy tones.  Available in etching finish.  (3478fx-46)


mineral jet formica

Available in radiant finish.  (3450-rd)



creme mascarello formica

In neutral and light creams, beiges, grays and taupes, this laminate comes in radiant finish.  (3422-fxrd)


louise pionite

Available in velour finish (mr120-v)



abraham pionite

 Pionite® High Pressure Laminates come in a vast selection of colours and finishes.  This style has a velour finish with some texture to create depth and character.  (mg130-v)



harold pionite

This laminate is beautifully veined in grays, black, taupe and a bit of off white, with a textured, velour finish.  (mg120-v)



granite coffee lamitech

This high pressure laminate has a pattern in browns, blacks and creams that resembles stone.  It has an etched finish that imitates veining and fissures found in real stone.  (3033-s)  




pietra adobe lamitech

This high pressure laminate has a veined look in browns and taupes with traces of black and cream.  It has a textured finish that adds to the richness of the pattern (2716-s)



tuscan travertine arborite

In creams and caramel shades, this pattern resembles the veining of travertine.  (p1003-vl)



rocky road pionite

Available in a matte finish, this laminate has an appearance similar to aggregate.  (mt280-n)