Stock Countertops

Prestige offers a brilliant selection of laminate countertops from Formica, Arborite, WilsonArt, Merino, and more. 

Our in stock samples are as pictured below, colours available at all times. Hundreds of additional colours are available for order. Call or visit our stores for pricing, availability, and lead times. 

*Patterns and colours may slightly differ from actual product. These are representative samples. 


P394VL Artic Snow


9476-43 White Ice Granite


4924-38 White Carrara*


40444-SF Blanco Marble


5005-38 Sierra Cascade


1876K-35 Spring Carnival


3496-58 Belmont Granite


6317-58 Weathered Cement*


3420FX-46 Dolce Vita


3450-RD Mineral Jet


3692-46 Labrador Granite


40294-SF Caldera Marble*


3466FX-RD Antique Mascarello


40230-SF Beige Quartz*


40235-SF Ivory Pearl* 


3476FX-46 Jet Sequoia


3690-58 Basalt Slate*

...and hundreds more.

Prémoulé is our leading distributor of all HPL postformed tops such as the ones you've seen above. To view their entire collection of postformed tops available through Prestige, click the link below.