Preparation for Installation

Please read the following information carefully if you are having cabinetry installed with us. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team. 


The area should be clean and free of any unnecessary items to provide adequate space for installation. Access inside and outside of the home or business should be free of debris to aid in safe delivery. 

In the winter months, please ensure the driveway is free of snow and accessible by our delivery truck. 


It is not necessary for appliances to be on-site during cabinet installation. In the event that they are on-site, please ensure they are not in the area of cabinet installation. 


We provide elevation drawings with dimensions for placement of switches, outlets, and appliances. Please consult with your electrician for the proper placement of all electrical components. Failure to do so can be costly in repairs, also having the ability to delay installation. Additional service charges will apply if we must reschedule due to electrical errors.


Your new flooring must be installed prior to cabinet installation. Cabinets need to be placed on top of the flooring due to the complexity of the cabinet and/or island design and for all floor base moldings. Floor protection must be used and should in place prior to our arrival. Our installers will inspect the floor prior to and following installation. 

In the rare event that the floor is not installed upon arrival, additional service charges will apply for additional visits required to finish the installation. 


All the walls on which cabinets will be installed should be finished, seam-filled, and painted prior to cabinet installation.


Please have all plumbing removed so that only basic water and drain pipes are extruding (no corner joints). If possible, do not install shutoffs until after cabinet installation, to avoid cutting unnecessarily large holes into your new cabinets during installation. 

Sink(s), faucets, and fixtures should be on site during installation. Our installer will cutout the required sink hole(s) for your plumber. If the sink(s) are not available, you can schedule an additional service appointment for our installer to return for sink installation for an additional charge. You can also have your plumber follow the instructions and template provided with the sink to complete installation.