Drawer Styles

Drawer styles are just another piece of the Prestige puzzle that can add extra flair to your design, and tailor to your dream. 

Below you can find our various drawer styles, and explore their colour availability, price range, and construction.


Due to it's cost efficiency, melamine is our most common drawer style, available in three colours: white, almond, and maple

Our drawers are made from the same 5/8" thick material as our cabinet boxes, providing a durable and reliable bottom.

Joint construction is available in standard staple fastening, or glued and doweled. 


Plywood drawers are similar in construction to melamine drawer styles, but are only available in natural birch, finished with a durable UV lacquer.

Plywood drawer styles are also built from 5/8" plywood sheets, providing a durable and reliable bottom. 

Joint construction is available in standard staple fastening, or glued and doweled. 


Steel-sided drawers are available in white and steel colours, and are a 4-piece drawer with steel sides, and 5/8" thick backs and bottoms. 

Steel drawers are also equipped with standard full-extension slides and their construction is made for durability and strength, with no need for fasteners such as staples or dowels. 


Dovetail style drawers are constructed from solid wood, also with 5/8" thick captive bottoms, for strength and durability. 

Dovetail drawers are available in natural wood, or any of our 17 Prestige stain colours. 
Solid dovetail drawers do not require fasteners such as staples or dowels, and is by far our strongest style available. 


Intivo drawers are a product of Blum, which is also our hinge manufacturer. They are 4-piece metal drawer boxes, complete with 5/8" back and bottoms, available in a variety of styles and sizes, equipped with standard, full-extension drawer slides.

Intivo drawers are available in silk white, terra black, or stainless steel, with endless colour combinations.